Before After

Walked around this table all the time
Notice the two pairs of eyeballs in the doorway

Always watching you these two.
This former exterior wall will be removed

aka Petito Bandito
This center island with range gets removed

Strip the room and knock out the wall

Temporary brace the ceiling
And make the beam

Heavy beams now bearing the weight

Framed in the center island
with sink, dishwasher and trash compactor

Granite counter top and cabinets

Windows in hutch are recycled exteriors
cut down to new purpose

The exterior door on right is push around the corner

Stripping the wood casing reveals little additonal brick

Stripping the wood casing reveals little additonal brick

Cobblestone from streets of NYC

Soapstone stove warms up the room

Area behind fireplace is now part of the room

Formerly nasty closet
and exterior breezeway

Pots and pans in sliding drawers under the stairs

Nice view outside as you walk in

Coat closet

Kitchen MPEG

Backyard MPEG

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