Favorite Pictures

Little Joe Grazing a Ridgefield Road Farm
Originally, part of Norwalk, Wilton's northern border was purchased from Chief Mahackem in 1640 all the lands from the sea "as farr up in the country as an Indian can goe in a day, from sun risinge to sun settinge." Nearly 30 afterwards, the distance was formerly marked by a local Indian chief who established Wilton's northern border 12 miles inland.

Belden Hill Road Farm
Another Wilton barn on Belden Hill that catches my glance as I make my daily commute. This one more than likely filled with bicycles than hay. My guess is its been decades since the inside of this barn has seen an animal.

Covered Bridge in Kent, CT
Kent Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge in Kent Connecticut taken from the lunch spot of Spring 2005 Canoe trip.

Miss Miss and my Carrie
Missy peaking around my sweet sweet Carrie in Spring of 2005.

Jody and Tatiana
Dodging dogs during the Easter Hunt of 2008. What I enjoy most about this picture is the look of disgust on Tatiana contrasted with Jody's disregard of the racing dogs.

Dad, Popop and Robin on Washington DC Trip.
I sat next to Popop on the plane as he marveled at the tiny landscape out the window. I listened to the normally very quiet man tell me how much he loved FDR. A memory that will always be with me is his hand on the knee of FDR memorial. I was able to see everything he couldn't express in words.

Mollie at the Gate
Always a friendly greeting at Weaver Street. You can't see it from this view but Mollie's whole backend is swinging to the rhythm of her tail. This is a great yard to enter if you like dogs.

Caroline captures a doll her size during Christmas 2004.

Gregory re-enacting his surprise that same Christmas.

Poppie and Tatiana
Tatiana and Poppie working the back deck.

Say Cheese
Amanda and Tatiana saying cheese.

Gregory, Tatiana and Amanda.
Gregory, Tatiana and Amanda.

Jo with Barcelona street artist with a block of characters like this one who we first thought were statues. Horseback riding, night clubs, midnight meals and returning to the hotel with the light of morning. This trip was more fun then I would have ever imagined.

View from the desk of my summer office

Mom and kids crowding into a chair.

Rebecca listening in on a quiet moment across the yard. Beck's was born with the ears of an adult dog and she developed strong neck muscles as a result.

Alan and Grandma
I missed Grandma Niebuhr almost immediately even though I visited only a few times a year. Thinking back, I realize I should have went more as those visits were always times filled with laughter. Grandma was easy with a story which often were told hovering over a stove to a full kitchen table of extended family.