Memorial Day Weekend 2008

Camp Jewell 2008

Memorial Day weekend 2008
Team Elevators Go Up and Down in the field during the great Wiffle Ball Series

The mighty Lisa at bat...

Big Slide

A demonstration of what its like to take the big slide down to the field

Michele and Lisa

Lauren and Kelsey demonstrating the unusual gravitation resistence found on the hill.

Carpet Pool where Matthew teaches Lisa a lesson on ball handling

The Great Race began by climbing mountains to earn money for supplies to build a boat

Counselors at various stations awarded signatures for correct answers

We hiked for hours this day.

Our boat completed for the Great Race. The said don't test them out but I think had we done so we would have realized to make it a tad thinner.

We worried to much about floating an not enough about steering.

The Great Race advancing to the Starting Line

I think this video captures the pure pandemonium of this race.

The Water Bug floats alone

Listing to one side is the first sign of trouble

The rowing soon degrades to swimming as more boats take on water

Among the flotsam some remain above the water line

Hard to imagine this floating at some point

Back to the design board for this captain

Yet one pair returns dry.

The Great Race graveyard. The Lady Bug was still a useful vessel on the bottom right and could have been used to carry the carcasses of the boats turned submarine.

Miss Michele on the rocks