Greenwich Concours d'Elegance

June 8, 2008

A great June afternoon is spent strolling through Roger Baldwin Park in Greenwich when the car show is in town.

A two day event with Saturday showcasing American automobiles and Sunday featuring foreign autos.

The park is located on the water right off Exit 3 of I95 where the cool breeze and shade of mature trees made the hot summer day quite tolerable.

This is a rare opportunity to roam among vintage cars and if you are lucky, chat with the proud owners.

Many looking as good as the day they rolled off the factory floor.

Outside where a car show belongs

More of a natural habitat for a car than a museum.

Fun little oddity with the rare tow package for pulling a sail boat.
Won after asking Bob to see what was behind Curtain Number 2.

Curtain Number 1

Experimental auto with a bat mobile quality. I got the feeling the engineers said, 'We almost forgot about a place to put the spare tires.'

Lots of nice detail here to examine up close. Very cool radiator grill that opens and closes to control air flow to the engine.

My engine temperature, I am learning, appears to be highly correlated to my mileage. When its 40 degrees out I get 40 to 45 mpg and when its 90 degrees I get 55 to 58 mpg.
Just wait until it gets to 100+ out there, I will be in the 60+ range.

The Mercedes SL class is a personal favorite.

Especially this gull wing model.

June 9 2008: World oil crisis makes these cars impractical so put your wallet away.

Funky BMW. THE body style looks very familiar while the head lights do not.

Open wheeled racer with a crank start

It's a little depressing to see a car you parked next to in High School in an antique car show.

This car is sweet. I bet it makes for a fun weekend drive.

Can you picture yourself riding outside this car on that step? Wearing an oversized black pin stripe suit and a cigar in your mouth... machine gun hanging off a shoulder.

Here was an engineer that thought outside the box. What if four wheels are too many and two too few?
I hope this one brakes using it's rear wheel. I picture those two front wheels seizing while the back end rotates over the front axle.

We got a kick out of the belt holding the hood on many of the British antiques. You are just not dressed properly without a belt.

Jaguar E type would be another fun weekend car if you happen to be dating a mechanic.

Separated at birth?

You may turn to look at one of these cars when you are out around town...

Sir... Madam... your cars are ready.

The final procession was a great opportunity to hear the engines and a little about each vehicle.

Where else can a car enthusiast go to experience such a scene?

I could feel the engines with my chest as they idled by.

It was great fun to see such a diverse collection and my sincere thanks to the organizers, owners and sponsors.