Ogunquit, ME

The Sea Walk

It was the last weekend of September 2008 when
we drove the 4 hours north to Ogunquit, ME.

One of the big attractions in Ogunquit is this mile long sea walk.

The sea was angry that day, my friend

The shops sold this $40 surf board that seemed fairly substantial and would have been a lot of fun to try had the weather not been so rainy.
Our long planned trip arrived with Maine's first hurricane in 17 years.

One of the many wind swept trees along the trail.

One of the many benches along the way to take in the views

And some more interesting places to rest.

It was surprising to find such a variety of flowers in the fall.

Looking to bring home a pocket of pebbles, Michele ventures down to the surf side.

Through my camera lense, I could see Michele roll to her back with hands and legs up in the air.
Looking much like a turtle on its back, she struggled to get the world straight up.

I have no pictures of the struggling Michele because I gave up my camera responsibilities to run down to the beach and end the show.

Having just as much fun as the audience above, Michele emerges with a hardy laugh.

The town of Ogunquit has all the charm and character of a fine New England town.

Pedestrian friendly with many art galleries on one end.

Shops and restaurants occupy the first floor of antique houses.
We ate a hardy meal at Maxwell's where we voted it the best clam chowder in town.

Wide brick sidewalks make for an inviting walk through town.

This was a fun little shop with amusing chotchkies

A six am look through this store window to a birdhouse that was this trips purchase that I wish I had made.

The Puffin Inn was our Bed and Breakfast a quarter mile walk from town.

Beautiful grounds with friendly proprietors that made delicious breakfasts to start the days.

This unusual tree with leaves so large it was a cause for comment by many of the guests.

This was a wonderfully relaxing trip that was long over due.

See Ogunquit and stay at the Puffin Inn.
It's a weekend well spent.